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need some standard tiles quickly

Hi everyone,

 some one please help me! I need some standards names and title for a course project.

I am searching for standards for testing pressure drop in pipes, valves, sight glasses and other hydrulic components. also i need standards for testing pumps too(specially diapheragm pumps) . i used google, but i didnt find anything useful, please help me. 

please help!! two solid mechanics problem relating stress, gears etc.


i am having problems solving two solid mechanics problems... can anyone please help??? the problems are:


Question 4:

A 2380 Nm torque is applied to gear D due to input torque from the motor at A, as shown in figure 4. Shafts 1 and 2 are both solid steel, 44 mm in diameter and 600 mm long. Gear B has a diameter of 250 mm and gear C has a diameter of 350 mm. The shear modulus G for steel is 80GN/m^2


Find out:

Abaqus, bridge-truck analysis.... help

Hi everyone!

I need advice, I have to carry out a bridge-truck interaction analysis in ABAQUS FOR CATIA. I don´t know where I can start, the thing is that now I´m going to try doing it, in a simplified model in order to don´t loose time.

Can you help me? Can you give me some advices? how to model de truck? I need more or less precission on the bridge not in the truck. I know how to modelice the bridge, the type of element, the meshing, the connectors... but what I don´t know is how to manage Explicit,

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