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ES 246 Project: Saint-Venant Torsion Problem

I plan to explore the Saint-Venant torsion problem applied to prismatic bars with elastic-plastic behavior. Wagner and Gruttmann have developed a finite element method to obtain the elastic/plastic stresses of a bar using a single load step. In particular, I will present the constitutive model that they have developed, and then use ABAQUS to apply Wagner and Gruttmann’s model to various cross-sections. I will try to reproduce their results for some simple cross-sections, as well as exploring some more complicated cross sections. I will compare my numerical results with analytical results for the various cross-sections.

[1] W. Wagner, F. Gruttmann, “Finite Element Analysis of Saint-Venant Torsion Problem with Exact Integration of the Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Equations,” Baustatik, Mitteilung 3, 1999.

[2] J. Lubliner, Plasticity Theory, New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1990.

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Hi Jenn,

I am trying to simulate the torsion of bars, just like the ones that appear in the ppt that you attached. I am also using an analytical rigid body at the free end, but somehow I haven´t managed to get good results.

My probems so far are the following, 

1) the cross-section at the free end seem to expand

2) the total twist at the free end seems more than what I am requesting in the BC UR3 which is 0.0174 (1 deg).


Any idea of what i am doing wrong?

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