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Crack-tip field

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These notes were initially written when I taught fracture mechanics in spring 2010.  The title of the notes was then "stress intensity factor".  In revising the notes for the class in 2014, I have changed the title of the notes to "crack-tip field".

You can access all notes for the course on fracture mechanics



hello sir,

This is kirthan from bangalore. I am getting confused with SIF. How exactly SIF comes handy in analysing crack growth. According to the westergaard equation as θ and r tends to zero stress goes to infinity. And if we substitute any value of stress and crack length with r=0 and θ=0 the value gives infinity. 

Books express SIF as the one which charaterises the crack growth in a material. I am not able understand the book meaning for SIF. Can u please help me regarding this. 

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Your question was answered in the next lecture of the course:  toughness.

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I have just updated the notes on stress intensity factor.  I find a way to reach the squre-root singularity without solving the boundary-value problem.  I invoke two elementary considerations: 

  • The boundary-value problem is linear
  • The geometry of the boundary-value problem is scale-free

The notes assume that you know about the energy release rate taught in previous lectures

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