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abaqus subroutines fem

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Postdoctoral Position in FEM Flow Modeling

Idaho National Laboratory is seeking a post-doctoral researcher  to perform research in developing numerical simulations to understand and predict the flow behavior of diverse particulate (granular) materials. Target applications include feeding and handling systems, including bins, hopper, and augers, as well as existing and future laboratory instruments that can be used to characterize feeding and handling properties.

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Abaqus Fortran Subroutine

Hi Everyone,

I have now managed to run the fortran code, but it won't assign the values that I want to assign to the U(1) variable from the TXT file.

In the attached file I have the Fortran file that I am working on, the input file Subroutine1 (save it as .inp file to open in Abaqus) and the pressure file that contains the nodes and the corresponding pressure values which I want to assign through DISP Subroutine. The code below


How to deal with this error 1073741819 in abaqus

I know it's common thing but how do i go about fixing this

Abaqus Error: The executable standard.exe aborted with system error code 1073741819.

Please check the .dat, .msg, and .sta files for error messages if the files exist.  If there are no error messages and you cannot resolve the problem, please run the command "abaqus job=support information=support" to report and save your system information.

What are the steps? 

Code error? how do i see and correct them? I have two subroutines combined into one, both work fine independently

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