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Mechanics of Structure Genome

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Structure Genome: a Unified Multiscale Approach to Bridging Materials Genome and Structural Analysis

After almost seven years development, we have achieved more and more clarity with the concept of structure gene and it governing principles (mechanics of structure genome). My recent talk on MSG summarizes its relations with materials genome, common structural theories, micromechanics, multiscale modeling, as well as its current application to deployable structures, homogeneous 3D elements, machine learning assisted multiscale modeling. You can watch this talk at Youtube

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AIAA Online Short Course on Multiscale Structural Mechanics

AIAA Materials Technical Committee will present an AIAA online short course on Multiscale Structural Mechanics starting on August 5th, 2020. More details can be found at

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A Better Alternative to RVE Analysis

RVE analysis is popular for computational homogenization. It can be used independently for virtual testing or as a module for multiscale modeling. Its popularity is mainly due to the maturity and acceptance of commercial finite element software. RVE analysis usually requires a 3D domain to obtain 3D properties and local fields. If a 2D RVE is used, only 2D properties and local fields are obtained. To obtain the complete set of properties, multiple analysis is needed. For example, to obtain the complete stiffness matrix, six 3D RVE analyses are needed.

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RVE analysis without BCs and periodic mesh requirements

RVE analysis becomes a routine exercise in material modeling. Usually it is carried out using finite element codes such as ABAQUS or ANSYS. The main thing one should pay attention is to applying the right boundary conditions. It is settled that periodic boundary conditions are the preferred boundary conditions to be applied. The BCs are that u_i-\epsilon_{ij}x_j should be equal on the corresponding edges. This type of boundary conditions can be applied using coupled equations constraints. This requires that one creates a mesh with corresponding nodes on periodic edges.

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