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Kirchhoff rod

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An electroelastic Kirchhoff rod theory incorporating free space electric energy

This work presents a geometrically exact Kirchhoff-like electroelastic rod theory wherein the contribution of free space energy is also factored in. In addition to the usual mechanical variables such as the rod's centerline and cross-section orientation, three electric potential parameters are also introduced to account for the variation in electric potential within the rod's cross-section as well as along the rod length. The free space energy is included through an electric flux-like variable acting on the lateral surface of the rod.

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A magnetoelastic theory for Kirchhoff rods having uniformly distributed paramagnetic inclusions and its buckling

We present a theory for finite and spatial elastic deformation of rods under the influence of arbitrary magnetic field and boundary condition. The rod is modeled as a Kirchhoff rod and is assumed to have uniformly distributed array of uniaxial spheroidal paramagnetic inclusions embedded in it all pointing in the same direction in the undeformed state. The governing equations of the magnetoelastic rod are derived which are further non-dimensionalized and linearized to investigate buckling in such rods.

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A singularity free approach for Kirchhoff rods having uniformly distributed electrostatic charge

We present a singularity free formulation and its efficient numerical implementation for the spatial deformation of Kirchhoff rods having uniformly distributed electrostatic charge. Due to the presence of continuously distributed charge, the governing equations of the Kirchhoff rod become a system of integro-differential equations which is singular at every arc-length. We show that this singularity is of removable type which, ones removed, makes the system well defined everywhere. No cutoff length or mollifier is used to remove this singularity.

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