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New Book on Polymers and Viscoelasticity

I wish to inform the imechanica community about my recent book,  Polymer Engineering Science and Viscoelasticity, Springer, 2008. THe book starts at the beginning and contains both the physics of polymers and the mathematics of viscoelasticity. It is also unique in the history of mechanics in being the (first ever?) father-daughter book. Those interested in polymer mechanics may find this a useful resource! It may be found in your library or further information can be found here

New Graduate Textbook on Micromechanics and Nanomechanics

World Scientific Pub. Co. will soon (2008 Winter) publish a new graduate textbook on Micromechanics and Nanomechanics.  The book is based on a lecture notes that have been used in Berkeley for seven years. Reading of book requires minimum knowledge of continuum mechanics and mathematics, and the book is intended for the first year graduate students as well as those practitioners who have no time to read the literature for self-study.

Is the limit of stress intensity factors "1" when the crack length is close to "0"?

I have read some papers about fracture mechanics of functionally graded materials. I find there are different results for the stress intensity factors when the crack length is close to "0" . In some papers the values of stress intensity factors are "1" when the crack length is close to "0" , but in other papers the values of stress intensity factors are not "1". I obtain the stress intensity factors is "1" when the length of crack is close to "0". I hope to get the explaination about the results.Thanks a lot.


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As far as I understand from the previous blogs: we can now embed XFEM in ABAQUS. Is this approach restricted to linear elastic behavior? Can we simulate fracture propagation in an elasto-plastic material ("XFEM coupled with ABAQUS" type analysis) or is this approach only limited to fracture propagation in elastic materials.



FEM Analysis of Composite plate girder Bridge

hello friend,

my self jignesh patel, give some guide about the construction stage analysis of composite section.How to appy live load (movind load) in Construcion stage Analysis.

plz reply me if know abt the content.


Power Hardening

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Hi all!

I am trying to simulate the tensile test in ABAQUS. Could you please tell me how I can incorporate the power hardening stree strain relation in ABAQUS?

Thanks in adavnce


thermal analysis

What are the good books to refer for thermal analysis with practical applications.

What is the meaning and advantage of“ isoparametric element” in FEM?

Does the FEM software( ANSYS,abaques,et al) ues the isoparametric element  concept?

 Thanks for your reply。

problem in full transient analysis

hi friends

i have problem in full transient analysis in ANSYS 11.0

kindly give me solution.

i have data .....


lenth=144 inch 

area=120 sq inch 

moment of inrtia=1000 inch rest to four

depth=10 inch

elastic modulas=3605 kips per sq inch

density of material=8.6805E-5  kips per cubic inch

FOR SOLUTION..(force 23.8 kips is linearly decreases from time = 0 to 0.042 at centre of the beam)

at time = 0 sec , force = -23.8 kips

Basic information about Plasticity

Does anyone know of a simple book, approximately 50 pages or so, for plasticity?. I am looking for something that is similar to Morton Gurtin's "Topics in Finite Elasticty" published by SIAM. This book is an uncluttered treatment of finite deformation elasticity and was very useful for me during graduate work. I am NOT looking for 200-300 page texts, becasue I will never get around to reading them.


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Elastic dielectrics, slides for a short tutorial

Rob Wood teaches a course on micro/nano robotics, and asks me to give a 30-minute tutorial on the theory of dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs).  I attach my slides, which might be useful to you if you'd like to include this topic in your class.  The tutorial draws upon work in the literature, as well as recent work in my group:

Graduate Research Supplements (GRS) to Current ENG Awards to Broaden Participation

(This message was sent to iMechanica by Ken Chong, of the National Science Foundation).  This letter is to call your attention to an opportunity to broaden participation particularly of underrepresented students in Ph.D. programs in engineering through supplements to current research grants funded by the divisions in the Directorate for Engineering (ENG) at the National Science Foundation.

3D fracture analysis using Ansys


i m vijay doing M.TECH in aerospace,  i m doing project in the area of fracture mechanics using Ansys, so i need to find Energy release release rate for 3D plate (composite plate having cracks on thikness). i want material related to this, can anyone plz send the material.

thanks in advance 

tutorial for hot deep drawing simulation

I  am  final  year  student  ,  doing  my project    on  "hot deep drwing  on  non-ferrous materials"  and    doing  simulation  on  abaqus . I  need  a  tutorial ,,,,,,,,,,,please   some  one  help

K value calculation in Ansys

I am trying to calculate K values for a double tip crack orientated at 45 deg in a rectangular plate in ansys.I am stuck with a strange problem. When i give the Kcal command it says the crack face is not parallel to the active x axis. But i have checked the cordinates of the keypoints that i have used to create the crack. The crack is perfectly symetric about the active cordinate system  about the crack tip.Can somebody help me please.

Abaqus/CAE version 6.6

 Dear all,

For my final year project, I've done the 3D model of a test fixture which is used for the compression testing of a specimen.

When I apply a downward vertical displacement to top Slider B, eventually the 2-slider linkage mechanism will cause the bottom Slider A to move horizontally and to compress the cube shaped specimen.


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Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science!


Read About Web-based discussion forums in Science! 

Science 29 February 2008:
Vol. 319. no. 5867, pp. 1189 - 1190

Integrating Content Detail and Critical Reasoning by Peer Review

Ravi Iyengar,1* Maria A. Diverse-Pierluissi,1 Sherry L. Jenkins,1 Andrew M. Chan,2 Lakshmi A. Devi,1 Eric A. Sobie,1 Adrian T. Ting,3 Daniel C. Weinstein1

how can apply a tightening torque

I use the abaqus present , how can apply a tightening torque between an implant (screw) and the bone with abaqus......... thank you



Differences between cohesive/interface/embedded process zone

I am PhD student and i'm working on the behavior of bonded joints under impact and i have one question :What are the differences between a cohesive element, an interface element and a embedded process zone element ?  Do they have fundamental differences or it's only a difference of the cohesive law expression.

Central crack loaded with stress

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1. Central crack loaded with stress.

(A) The stress intensity factor for a central line crack in an infinite plate is found to be  



where p is the pressure exerted along the crack line. (A) Does this formula imply a stable or an unstable crack propagation when p reaches the critical stress level? (B)  Present an experiment to support your answer in (A). Specify your experiment in details.


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