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Material Models

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*Closed* Postdoc Opportunity at Nortwestern University

Prof. Zdenek P. Bazant seeks a postdoctoral
associate to conduct research on some of his sponsored projects. They
deal with the mechanics and nano-mechanics of quasibrittle failure of
fiber composites, concrete
and geomaterials, including probabilistic strength and lifetime. Others
deal with creep and chemo-mechanical effects in concrete structures and
their nano-mechanical origin. To apply, send a CV to Robert Lenon

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Sharing ABAQUS UMAT and VUMAT subroutines

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I have noticed that a lot of people are using UMAT and VUMAT material model
subroutines for their researches. However, most of these subroutines do not
find their way to free code market and remain in the hands of the developers.
Therefore, a lot of wheel re-inventing has to be done by other people. Since
development and testing of a material subroutine takes a damn long time, I
think it is a good idea if each of us can share the subroutines she has
developed with the others. I know that a couple of subroutines are publicly

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