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Nanomechanical Deformation

strain evaluation in relaxed nanowires

Due to the existence of surface stress, the interior of a free standing nanowire is in non-zero stress state especially near free surface (see attached). This stress state corresponds to strain field in nanowires. A reference configuration would then be necessary to define the strain. Any good suggestions on the selection of the reference configuration?

Immediate PostDoc Position Available: Nanocomposite Modeling and Experiments

A post-doc position is available at the University of Notre Dame in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. The project focuses on nanocomposite deformation modeling and performing corresponding experiments using primarily atomic force microscope and X-ray diffractometer. Initial position is for one-year and is extensible for another year contingent upon continued funding. The position offers attractive collaborative opportunities with national labs and material synthesis groups across different universities. Salary is negotiable.

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