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nonlinear PDE

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Solving Nonlinear PDEs with a priori accuracy using wavelets

We present a numerical method which exploits the biorthogonal interpolating wavelet family, and second-generation wavelets, to solve initial–boundary value problems on finite domains. Our predictor-corrector algorithm constructs a dynamically adaptive computational grid with significant data compression, and provides explicit error control. Error estimates are provided for the wavelet representation of functions, their derivatives, and the nonlinear product of functions.

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Void expansion as wave phenomena - might damage evolution be mathematically related to fluid dynamics and turbulence?

The main idea is the following: a most natural mathematical setup for considering the motion of the void-solid interface of an expanding void is that of the traveling wave. Thus, a theory for macroscopic damage evolution may be suspected as being a homogenized version of basic theory that has such wave phenomena as an essential ingredient. This paper is a first step in probing such questions. 

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