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Faculty Position in "Sustainable Materials" at EPFL, Switzerland

The School of Engineering at EPFL invites applications for an industry-sponsored tenure track assistant professor position in Sustainable Materials within its Institute of Materials. We seek exceptional individuals who will develop and drive a research program at the forefront of the discipline, who have a strong dedication to teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and who will be proactive members of their professional and university communities.


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Solvay Workshop 27-29 August 2018 | Mechanics of Slender Structures

Dear Colleagues,

The organization of the Solvay Workshop: "Mechanics of Slender Strucures in Physics, Biology and Engineering: From failure to functionality" (27-29 August, 2018, ULB, Brussels, Belgium), is going well and we are excited by the substantial number of good quality submissions that we have received. 

However, following many requests, we are pleased to extend the deadline for abstract submission to: April 15, 2018.

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A EUROPEAN web portal to discuss NAE's “Grand Challenges” impact in EUROPE

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

We are planning to set a WEB portal to discuss

1) the example and the role of an Academy of Engineering to find the correct blend of credentials and consensus to set research needs

2) The final 14 NAE resulting "challenges", being set at international level, should be accepted worldwide. Is this really the case, are the European Agencies considering them, or do they think we need to duplicate the search for the "challenges" separately?

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