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ICE's Engineering and Computational Mechanics general call for papers!

Dear Colleague,

Engineering and Computational Mechanics is currently looking for papers on the theme of Disaster and Hazard engineering for publication in 2014. Sub-topics include risk analysis and pre-emptive disasters.

Other themes EACM is interested in are: Fluid Structure interaction especially ringing phenomenon; Energy and renewable energy including offshore and waves; and review papers covering the themes in the call for papers.

If you are interested in submitting a paper, please see the call for papers via the link below:

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The Cost of Knowledge

If research projects are funded by public money, shouldn't their
results be available to the public at a reasonable price? or even free
of charge?
To prevent the monopolization of the scholarly record, read, think, and, hopefuly, support this cause. It is all I ask.

Open Access journals for Computational Mechanics

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

In many fields there are excellent choices for publishing open access (even without costing all that much). For computational mechanics that doesn't seem to be the case.

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Free access to the International Journal of Fracture

Dear Colleagues,

Springer is providing free access to the International Journal of Fracture until the end of this year. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and browse through the journal content. You may access the journal at the following link:


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New ICE Journal: Géotechnique Letters

A new journal published by the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK) is available: Géotechnique Letters.

Average time to first peer review decision: 32.5 consecutive days.

First papers are available for free at the ICE Virtual Library:

Have a look!

Journals in Physics and Engineering, and Preprint Servers Like arXiv

Hi all,


1. In the past, we have had quite some discussion regarding both open-access and open-access journals. However the slant in this blog post is different. I am not concerned here much about open-access journals per say.

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Discussion of fracture paper #1 - A contol volume model

This is a premiere: my first contribution to the new ESIS' blog announced in January. Why comment on papers in a scientific journal after they have passed the review process already? Not to question their quality, of course, but animating a vital virtue of science again, namely discussion. The pressure to publish has increased so much that one may doubt whether there is enough time left to read scientific papers. This impression is substantiated by my experience as a referee.

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A blog for discussing fracture papers

The aim of ESIS is not only to develop and extend knowledge in all aspects of structural integrity, but also to disseminate this knowledge world-wide by means of scientific publications and to educate young engineers and scientists.

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Taxonomy upgrade extras: 
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The full list of journals ranked by H index --- but not the list of highlycited papers :(

After some conversation with Roozbeh which are "irritatingly useful" :) I found that this site has done already all the calculations we need  except the list of highlycited papers which remains for me the most interesting aspect and which we seem to need to do manually as we did yesterday with IJSS and JMPS at Most cited papers and H-factor of some mechanics journals -- IJSS

Some results are attached as a big PDF file.

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Hello imechanica users: I launch a few ideas. Can we improve imechanica stealing ideas from successful web systems like google, amazon, wikipedia, myspace, youtube? Taking the best of the various worlds to improve our imechanica?

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Sample issue of Journal of Materials, a TMS publication

JOM is a monthly publication of TMS--The minerals, metals, and materials society. It covers a wide range of materials topics. I expecially like the overview articles, which, in four or five pages pack lots of information. Further, the historical articles about metallurgy and materials in ancient civilizations will interest those of you who like to read about history in general, and science history, in particular.

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Free access to Computational Mechanics back to Vol 1 - but only 'til end of month.

Springer - in an attempt to get customers I suppose - are offering free access to the journal Computational Mechanics, but only for March 2007.

You can access all articles in Computational Mechanics back to vol 1/1, e.g. the first article

E. Reissner
Some aspects of the variational principles problem in elasticity
Volume 1, Issue - 1, First Page - 3, Last Page - 9
DOI - 10.1007/BF00298634
Link -

To get the free access (for the rest of March) go to

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How to cite a journal article in your post? (and how to access a paper cited in someone else’s post?)

Free Tags: 

Writers write, readers read. But the world is not that simple: it has e-walls between writers and readers. We have all helped to build the walls, so we should not complain. One day we might come to our senses to tear down these walls. Before that happens, we'll just have to cope.

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