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Discussion of fracture paper #1 - A contol volume model

This is a premiere: my first contribution to the new ESIS' blog announced in January. Why comment on papers in a scientific journal after they have passed the review process already? Not to question their quality, of course, but animating a vital virtue of science again, namely discussion. The pressure to publish has increased so much that one may doubt whether there is enough time left to read scientific papers. This impression is substantiated by my experience as a referee.

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A blog for discussing fracture papers

The aim of ESIS is not only to develop and extend knowledge in all aspects of structural integrity, but also to disseminate this knowledge world-wide by means of scientific publications and to educate young engineers and scientists.

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Geometric Dislocation tensor in finite plasticity

 in B. D. Reddy (ed.). IUTAM Symposium on Theoretical, Modelling, and Computational Aspects of Inelastic Media, 99-105. Springer Science, 2008.

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Traction separation laws in Cohesive zone models - Some Questions


As a student who has spent a lot of time studying cohesive zone models in fracture mechanics, I have several questions that have bothered me over the past year or so, and I have not been able to find suitable answers to them. I am limiting myself here to questions related to the traction-separation law, which invariably forms the basis of CZM as it is implemented today. I am raising these questions in the hope that I can receive some response here, even if it means my question is invalid (as I suspect a few may be).  So here is my list:


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