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Abaqus VUMAT Plasticity Adiabatic temperature


Dear All, 

We are working on Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) project and we are trying to implement CPFEM with Abaqus UMAT, there are few examples online but we could not able to run them on abaqus 6.13 with any subroutine. Does anyone have any working subroutines on related subject?

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Yunus Emre Kulhan

Adiabatic temperature in Abaqus VUMAT

Hi All ,
I found  simple VUMAT from Abaqus manual.It is based on
Von Mises plasticity and gives stress components, vonmises stress
and plastic equivalent strain.

I want to include the adaibatic temperature that rises/falls along the deformation in adiabatic
analysis.From a general book, i found that temperature-rise during deformation comprising

plastic strain1 to plastic strain 2 is given by:

Integral of stress between the strain limits,multiplied by a constant.

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