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transverse compressibility in Abaqus SC8R elements

Does anyone know if Abaqus SC8R elements have transverse compressibility \epsilon_z?

What properties shoud I specify for SC8R elements, type: lamina, or type: Engineering Constants ? (note that type lamina do not have transverse modulus E3)


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Plywood box under pressure on ABAqus


Hello everyone,


I am working right now on a plywood box simply supported by wedges under a uniform pressure of 1 MPa.

The pressure is applicated through a rigid shell part layed on the top of the box ( a surface to surface contact). The bottom of the box is on contact (surface to surface) with the rigid shell wedges (2 on the corner of the box and 1 on the middle).  

As a boundary condition, all the DOF's of the wedges are constrained.    

Drucker Prager model for Silicon dioxide powder in ABAQUS

Hallo, everyone,

I am PhD student in material processing. I have a project of using silicon dioxide powder as forming media for tube hydroforming process. I read some literatures about the material model of granular materials. It seems that the Cap model in ABAQUS should be suitable for prescribing the material behavior in FE model. But it is not easy to do the triaxial test for silicon dioxide powder.

Minimum length scale in ABAQUS

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Dear all,

This might be a simple question. What is the smallest length scale that can be simulated in ABAQUS. I am trying to run some continuum estimates for particles with dimensions in the nanometer range (10 to 50 nm). Is it possible to specify such length scales in ABAQUS?

Thanks for your insights.

How to get inside the ABAQUS incremental/nonlinear static solver

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Hi guys,

I'm working on an ABAQUS extension/plug-in of a sort and I'd like to replicate results for a single 4-node plane stress element produced by the ABAQUS incremental/nonlinear static solver.

I assumed the relationship is:
t[K] {Δx} = t+Δt {P} - t{F}

ABAQUS/ Explicit help


I'm trying to simulate wave propagation in composite materials using ABAQUS/Explicit but can't run the simulation (when creating and using a isotropic material it works), would be realy grateful for som tips how to solve it.

Abaqus- non uniform pressure load in 2D

Hi all,


I am new to Abaqus and I found the problem I unexpectedly cannot solve.... My case is quite simple- I have 2D frame, part of which is under nonuniform pressure distribution (described by linear function). When I create analytical field referring to previously created local CSYS, apply a load in 'static general' with distribution determined in analytical field and try to run a job, i have a message:

How to extract the normal and shear stress between two surfaces which are bonded through TIE option?

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Is there such an output manager option in CAE or other effeorts are needed?

Thanks in advance!

Operate with XYdata in Abaqus

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If I want the sum of all the y-values of an XYdata in Abaqus how can I do?

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PhDs and Post-doctorate Research Positions in Shape Memory Alloys

are several immediate openings of research-oriented Phds and Post-Doc positions, in the
department of civil engineering, the University of Akron (UA). Please see tha attached file for datails.

Report generation in Abaqus with Mode shapes

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I am performing natural frequency analysis on a cylindrical structure in Abaqus. I am extracting about 80 modes (considering the presence of symmetrical modes). I want to generate a report with all the mode shape patterns and corresponding frequencies listed. Is there any way to do this automatically? Taking Prnt Scrn and generating word document is consuming lot of time and also I have multiple model combinations to do such analysis.

Thank you in advance.


hi all,

i intend to do a project on temperaure prediction of a steady state rolling tyre due to hysteresis. i want to use abaqus as my solver.

please guide me,from where i have to start?


Modal steady state and transient Analysis in ABAQUS




Call for Papers Open – 2012 SIMULIA Customer Conference

Join us in Providence, RI, May 15-17, 2012, and share your success story!Abstracts for papers are due November 7, 2011.All users of SIMULIA products including Abaqus FEA, Multiphysics, Isight and Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) are invited to submit an abstract.

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change material properties using Field variables in Abaqus

Hi Everyone,


I was apply Field Variables to change material properties in simulation, but I got this error:

in keyword *FIELD, file "Job-2-Copy.inp", line 5575: Unknown assembly node set _Pickedset2

weird error in Abaqus


I am encountering a weird error in ABAQUS analysis. Their is no information in the files about why this error occurs, the execution just terminates all of a sudden. Following is the error:

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Call for Papers - SIMULIA Customer Conference 2012

The international SIMULIA Customer Conference (SCC2012) will be held May 15-17, 2012 in Providence RI, USA. Abstracts for papers are due November 7, 2011.

All users of SIMULIA products including Abaqus FEA, Multiphysics, Isight and Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) are invited to submit an abstract.

Extracting boundary conditions from output database (odb) file using ABAQUS scripting


I am familiar with abaqus python scripting to create odb files and to extract nodal data from an output database (odb) file in ABAQUS. I would like to know whether it is possible at all, to extract the boundary conditions from an odb file. I guess that the boundary conditions are not stored in an odb file. But I am not sure. Any help in this regard ??

Does anyone know things needs to know before doing dynamic analysis using umat

Hi, everyone,

Does anyone have some experience on using UMAT to do dynamic analysis? Please give me some help on the problems i encountered.

some errors still exists for me during importing subroutine file in abaqus/cae

Thank you asim sir,

I am sorry to say that i am still getting the error message.I have attached the picture of  procedure and error  messages i gets.please correct my procedure.


I use





how to import subroutine file in abaqus software ?


 I am new to abaqus software. How can i import a subroutine file into abaqus software.while running a .inp file  added to job it asks for a sobroutine file.while editing the job file in general tab there is an option to include a subroutine file but while selecting a .f file to it. it asks for importing a .for or .obj file . what can i do now. I am studying about heat generations due to friction in contacts .the .inp file i imported into job is ufricxxy.inp and .f file is ufricxxy.f from help .please help me in solving these problems.


thanking you

Failure of Bonded Glass

I work for an optics company and many of its products contain lenses that are bonded together with a very thin (~0.010mm) UV curing adhesive (Norland Adhesives NOA61 is the most common). Up until recently we have never had any issues with the strength of the bond. However we have recently had a particular design fail during a temperature cycle so I am tasked with looking at why, and how to keep it from happening in the future. The temperature range isn't too scary, -40 to +85C.

Help in ABAQUS

Dear all,
In my FE model (pin on disc), I would like to define a contact property between pin and disc with a friction defination available in ABAQUS. I have assumed that friction coefficient depends on parameters like slip rate, pressure and temperature only. When i used friction coefficients with slip rate and pressure, model works without any error but if i use friction coefficients with slip rate, pressure and temperature, the model doesn't work and come up with following errors;

Aerospace Customer Papers featuring SIMULIA Solutions

Our Aerospace sector boasts an extraordinary amount of dedicated customers that produce high-quality conference papers year after year on their use of SIMULIA solutions. The papers provide extensive and in-depth coverage of the industry’s most popular topics: aircraft design, structural analysis, landing gear, composite testing, bird-strike and more. Download these select papers from the 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference to learn more on how industry-leading companies such as Airbus, EADS, and Rolls-Royce Deutschland use Abaqus and Isight. 

Full time opportunity at Schlumberger - Houston Pressure and Sampling Product Center

A full time opportunity is available in Schlumberger at the Houston Pressure and Sampling Product Center. Please see the attachment for details.


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