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Why Abaqus give incorrect result in plane strain plasticity?!!

There is an incorrect result from Abaqus in plane strain plasticity simulation. In this short video, this  result is shown.

It would be pleased if anybody have any idea about why this happen ?!!


YouTube link:

bug on deactivate the crack propagation capability?

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Could anyone please help on how to deactivate the crack propagation capability?


Following section 10.7.1 in the User Guide of 6.13, the crack propagation capability can be deactivated in some step. But I tried it in a very simple example through CAE and input file, it does not work.


Particularly, the problems are 


CutExtrude error Abaqus

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Hi all, 

I'm trying to create a full-scale truss for a static loading simulation using Abaqus.
I wanted to use a Python script to do this, but I am not very experienced with this language or the Abaqus methods.

The members forming the truss are cee sections. However, at the ends of the cee sections I want to create an extruded cut

How to deform an existing mesh from CT measurements?

Hi all,

I would like to know if someone has a trick to deform a mesh generated in Abaqus thanks to Computer Tomography measurements ? 

The file I received from CT is a .stl.

Do you know an open source software that can compute deviations between point clouds?

Thanks in advance for your support :-D

Error jump of displacement in submodeling

Hi everyone,

I'm a PhD student in the first year. My PhD subject is to numerically study the low cycle fatigue (LCF) using the Abaqus software. Currently, I met a error in my simulation as below:

Enforcing tie constraint

Dear iMechanica users,


I have a problem which I would appreciate any input on how to solve. I have an indentation problem, in which I indent a cell with an enclosing membrane. Therefore, I create contact between the (rigid) indenter and membrane, and tie the membrane and intracellular solid elements together. The model is an axisymmetric model, with CAX3 and CAX4R making up the intracellular axisymmetric solid elements and SAX1 the axisymmetric membrane.

Modeling reinforced concrete in ABAQUS

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Hi everyone, 

I am a master student working on my master thesis using ABAQUS. I am modeling an experiment, but the problem is that my results from ABAQUS do not agree with the experimental results. Can you help me to check if I have done any mistakes? 

Problem in printing out the global stiffness matrix

Hi everyone,

I'm using UEL in ABAQUS. My model just has one 4-node element (defined in UEL) fixed in one end. When I'm running the UEL, it's working without any problm. But when I' trying to print out the global stiffness matrix I'm getting this error: "aborted with system error code 1073740940".

This is the way that I'm trying to print it out:


Creating a path in python for Abaqus

Dear all,

I want to write a python script for ABAQUS in which I can define a path for post-processing purposes. Getting the nodes which lie on the path is easy because they all lie on one edge, so with


I get the list of nodes.


Now the problem:

Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Model (CEL) in Abaqus/Explicit

Hi everyone;

I'm trying to simulate FSW plunge state using Abaqus/Explicit, Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian technique.

As you can see in the picture, NT11, PEV and EVF are calculated. But the problem is that the elements in base metal are not deformed. In other words, the base metal elements which are in contact with PIN remained intact and are not deformed.

Anyone could help me with this?


Beam Elements, UEL, ABAQUS, Rotation

Hi everyone,

I'm working on UEL and studying wave propagation in beam. I have a special purpose beam element defined in UEL which has four nodes.  When the beam is horizontal and a vertical load is being applied, it's working perfectly:

      1,           0.,           0.,        0.
      2,         0,           0.25,        0.
      3,           0.,           0.,        0.
      4,         0.,           0.25,        0.

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strain/stress in local material coordinates

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We are doing simulations of simple bilayer composites which undergo extensive buckling and post-buckling instabilities. The simulation is being done with ABAQUS explicit to capture the highly non-linear geometries. Everything works very well, however to compare with our analytical theory we need the Green strain at each element. ABAQUS for solid elements gives only the NE or LE which is projected onto the global coordinate system.

Global Stiffness Matrix-UEL

Hi everyone,

I am working in UEL. I can get the stiffness matrix from fortran to be printed in .msg file.How can I print the global stiffness matrix of the model by using ABAQUS. My model is not big or complicated, so the global stiffness matrix shouldn't be too big!

abaqus repeated loading

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anyone please help to provide repeated load of 100kN for 5000 repeatitions. each time the load remains there for .3second. time gap between two load application is 1 second.


Dear ALL,

Does anyone here has an experience carry out  FE analysis for a part[bracket] which was deformed plastically during cyclic loading test.

I'm now working to resolve this issue when a bracket was fail to withstand the constant loading of 500N during cyclic test. It was reported fail at ~3800 cycles which was less than target.


Reservoir Modeler. Eclipse to Abaqus. Geomechanical Coupling

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Hello, Everybody, who is studing reservoir geomechanics,

Overestimated peak strength for cube compression. Abaqus/Explicit


I have done compression test for concrete cube using Concrete damaged plasticity model. I assigned BC in Reference point which I coupled with a surf of the cube.

I have got stress-strain curve that looks nice, but Peak strength is 2-3 times higher than it should be.

Ia have uploaded pic of force-displacement.

Can anybody help me?


ABAQUS: Thermal stresses in a rectangular composite plate

Trying to model a crossply square plate with a sinusoidal temperature loading (uniform along the thickness). I am trying to match the results by Kant et al 2008 and Rohwer et al 2001. I am modeling the compoosite as a 3-D solid elements (making a part and dividing into 4 layers). I always obtain transverse shear stress on the 90 degree layer at 0,b/2,z to be zero.  My results match with that of the paper when I have a single layer of orthotropic material but they dont match when I have 4 layers of equal thickness and an aspect ratio of 5 (length/thickness).


ABAQUS 6.14 CAE "pre.exe" error

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I am planning to analyze my Senior Design Project by statically on Abaqus, since I am just an undergraduate student, I am also planning to do this on my new laptop that have;

8+4 GB DDR3 800MHz RAM

Intel i7 4700HQ 3300 MHz Processor

nVidia GeForce GT 750M Graphics

I got Abaqus 6.14 from my school, I tried to make a simple example to test the program is running with no error, finally I have an error with this message;

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Abaqus contacting thin membrane

Hello everyone,

I'm a beginner in Abaqus. I must simulate effect of water stream on thin membrane contactin with ground. Which element type do you suggest? Can STRI65 be a good option?

Thanks in advance


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Direct Dynamic Analysis Method (DDAM) of the US Navy... Not found in Abaqus 6.14!!

I worked with Direct Dynamic Analysis Method (DDAM) of the US Navy with Abaqus in 2007, but when I revisit it again in 6.14 version I didn't find it and it is not in the documentation also. Is it removed from Abaqus? and  why? In ship building industry, they use it heavily till now.

Please, find the attached file about the method from a Simulia document in 2007

Case Study: Mechanics of Bacterial Biofilms on Surgical Sutures

Biofilms represent bacterial communities that attach to implanted medical devices such as sutures and catheters. When detached from implants within the body, biofilms can cause chronic infections. This study used Simpleware software to generate image-based microscopic Finite Element (FE) models from confocal laser scanning microscopy scans of real biofilm colonies attached to a surgical suture fragment.

Concrete compression test - Error

Hello everyone, 

I have modeled compression test on concrete cube in Abaqus/Explicit. For concrete I have used Concrete damaged plasticity model. I have assigned displacement as BC (Smooth amplitude) in Reference Point at the top of the cube, and I have coupled RP with the top of the cube. For concrete cube I have used C3D8R elements. 

For history output I have requested Reaction force in RP and energies for whole model. 

But job won't finish. I get an error: 

Smeared Crack and Cohesive zone modeling of concrete in ABAQUS

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Can anybody help me in using smeared crack and cohesive zone modeling in concrete for different grades. I was actually facing problem in using the same to identify fracture parameters of concrete using ABAQUS. I will also be helpful if anyone let me know about an alternate method to find fracture parameters of concrete using ABAQUS apart from using models. Thanks in advance.......


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