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stress wave propagation

wave propogation in with non local deformation

I have a one dimensional bar with a triangular pulse given at one end for 2 microseconds. The boundary conditions are free-free.I am having two cases. One in which the deformation is local (Hooke's law) and other in which the deformation is dependent on a kernel of radius r (say 5* element length).I find that the wave speed is higher when the deformation is non-local as compared to local deformation case. Is this correct? Is there a way to verify the solution?

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High Frequency Elastic Wave Propagation (KHz or MHz)

Hi everybody, I'm so interested in analysis of wave propagation in solid medias. and I've started by studying some books like "Ultrasonic wave propagation in solid media"(Rose). My question is about the importance of this analysis  (propagation of high frequency elastic waves) in the structures. I know that the major application is in the field of Nondestructive Testing(NDT). but I don't know if it is usefull in vibrational analysis of mechanical structures (elastic waves with frequencies around KHz or MHz). is this study important in "dynamic response analysis" of mechanical structures in some special kind of loading like impact? I'd be gratefull if you could introduce me some examples.

wave propagation (ANSYS/ABAQUS)

hi, friends

 Is there any options to simulate the wave propagation(stress wave) in
ANSYS/ABAQUS.Its to validate the results i got from my MATLAB
simulation. I'm a new user of ANSYS and ABAQUS.So some body please help
me out . thanking you in advance..


any theories on the stress wave propagation in concrete?

does anyone know any current theories on the stress wave propagation in a  complex media(such as concrete or rock).(1D sphere wave or complex)

all i see is the simulation with a complex constitutive model. but i think it`s not perfect. 

hope for your help

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