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A new parallel sparse direct solver: numerical experiments in large-scale structural mechanics parallel computing

 The main purpose of this work is to present a new parallel direct solver: Dissection solver. It is based on LU
factorization of the sparse matrix of the linear system and allows to
detect automatically and handle properly the zero-energy modes, which
are important when dealing with DDM. A performance evaluation and
comparisons with other direct solvers (MUMPS, DSCPACK) are also given
for both sequential and parallel computations. Results of numerical
experiments with a two-level parallelization of large-scale structural
analysis problems are also presented: FETI is used for the global
problem parallelization and Dissection for the local

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FETI and LDL^T decomposition


In the FETI method, one need the generalized inverse of a sparse matrix K.
In my case, K is a matrix arising from the finite element discretization on a tetrahedral mesh

of linear elasticity equations. I know how to compute the gereralized inverse from the LDL^T but I am not sure how to compute the LDL^T decomposition efficently. The algorithm use both rows and columns of the matrix...
Should I use a left or right looking algorihtm ?
If someone can provide me any hint to do that, I would appreciate a lot.
Thank you !

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