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5 PhD/postdoc vacancies in mechanics of composites @ Ghent University (Belgium)

The Mechanics of Materials and Structures research group at Ghent University (Belgium) is recruiting 5 PhD/postdoc researchers in the field of experimental and computational mechanics of composites. There are 5 positions:

Modelling Concrete Beam wrapped with FRP using ANSYS...

Hello all,

   I am faced with a problem of modelling a reinforced concrete beam
wrapped with FRP using ANSYS. Can any one help me out please?

I would appreciate your response about this issue. Thnk ya all

FRP using shell 99

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hi everyone,           i attached FRP strip and u-wraps to the concrete beam. i simulate it in ansys using shell 99 for FRP strip and uwraps. but i have a problem that the beam behaves as if the FRP does not work, and the failure load is as the same for the beam without FRP. however i merged the joints between FRP strip and uwraps and the concrete joints. i hope if somenone knows the reply, i need this reply very soon.  thank you so much for cooperation.

Modeling RC Beam with Externally bonded frp

I want to model a simple RC beam with simple restraint (hinge)

plz help me to find a good sample for RC beam and Rc Beam thaht strenghening with frp plate


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