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PhD Position - TU Wien

There is an open position for a doctoral student at the Institiute of
Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechanics (ILSB) of TU Wien (Vienna
University of Technology), Vienna, Austria.
We are looking for a part time teaching/research assistant (full time possible)
in the Computational Biomechanics Group for the next four years. The official job offer is announced at: Section 193.4.1

Teeth Implant Finite Element Software

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I am looking for a Finite Element software for Teeth and Implant modeling and analysis. Is there a special FE software for this, or which of these softwares can solve the proplem.

Abaqus, ProEng, Ansys, catia, solidworks, or anyother software..

please, if you know about solving this problem, share your thoughts with me.. or send me a link to this kind of analysis...

thanks to all in advance... 


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