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Load Calculator

In our industry, equipment, including universal testing machines and grips and fixtures, are categorized by the maximum force capacity. We have generated an automatic load calculator to help calculate the required forces necessary to test a certain type of material. The calculator can be found here:

To use the calculator:

1- Select the specimen geometry. Options include: rectangular, round, tubular, by area.


Dear ALL,

Does anyone here has an experience carry out  FE analysis for a part[bracket] which was deformed plastically during cyclic loading test.

I'm now working to resolve this issue when a bracket was fail to withstand the constant loading of 500N during cyclic test. It was reported fail at ~3800 cycles which was less than target.


Help with movement representation in Abaqus

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Dear sirs,

I would like to seek your assistanceon using the Abaqus software  .

I am trying to study the stresses inpavement layers , by applying  movingloads caused by vehicles. However I have not been able to get a visualrepresentation of the moving load.

I would like to know how to get acycle of movement , to and fro ...over a period of years .

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