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Crack length

How to plot Fracture toughness vs Crack length in Abaqus for Delamination problem

I've modelled a DCB specimen and applied Boundary conditions and load... I followed the same procedures given in abaqus documentation... As expected the crack initiates and propagates along the interface... I can get the Resultant force vs displacement plot from the analysis.. But i dont know how to plot the fracture toughness vs crack length plot in ABAQUS..

Please help me... Your suggestion would really help me a lot..

Crack length in fracture mechanics


I have modeled a beam with a hole in it in ABAQUS. I use of FRACTURE MECHANICS and FINITE ELEMENT METHOD for perdiction of failure load of beams with holes. I am wondering is it a correct assumption to assume a fixed crack length for one beam with varying hole position or not? 

It have assumed that a fixed crack length for a beam with varying location of hole along the beam.

Am I correct?

Thank you,


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