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Adina Vibrations


I´m analizing the modes of a structure but I don´t know how to plot the different modes (I only see the first one). I´m using  Adina 8.7.3.

Thank you very much! 

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Problems about the Contact Roller of the 3D FE Model in ADINA

Dear everyone,

Recently I am running a 3D FE model in ADINA to
analyse the elastic-plastic fracture behaviour.

A three-point bending specimen was modeled and the specimen was
supported by a contact roller.

Here is the problem:

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How to calculate total bending moment over a cross section, ADINA.

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Hi everybody.

I use ADINA. After my static analysis, I plot bending moment distribution over a cross section. Is there a way to find total bending moment at that section in ADINA software? I think some integration is required to do that, but have no idea how to manage it with the software. Surely, there are similar operations in ANSYS, ABAQUS etc.

Any help appreciated.


Special Academic Offer -- ADINA

Dear Colleague,

1. As you may know, ADINA is extensively used in teaching and research
at universities all around the world. If you are not already a university user,
you may be interested in the following announcement:

2. For an overview of the comprehensive multiphysics capabilities of ADINA see
the following page:

Reconstruction of Saved Stiffness Matrix from ADINA


I have saved the global stiffness matrix generated by ADINA. the format of data stored is like below:

        1            1
        2            2
        3            4
        4            7
        5           11
        6           16



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