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stress-strain curve

UMAT in multiscale modeling

Hi all,

I am using multiscale modeling in my analysis. This is what I am trying to do:

-After solving the RVE problem on microscale, I got the stress-strain relationship realated to my RVE and now I need to create a UMAT soubroutines for abaqus in order to call it at the integration points of the macro model. 

Is there a possibility to create a UMAT from stress-strain curve related to a representative volume element? How can I do that? Could you please give me an hint?

Thank you very much in advance for your help

Best regards


Post necking behavior (Steel)

I am simulating the tensile test of steel specimen to confirm that
resulting force displacement data matches with experiment. Since the
true stress true strain formulas are not valid beyond necking i have to
rely on actual neck measurements of flat sheet geometry. I have
identified swifts parameter also to use in the material model but some
how i am unable to match my results beyond necking. Any suggestions??

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