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Dynamic analysis

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Harmonic analysis with a crack?

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Hello everybody,

                          I am trying to perform a harmonic analysis of a material sample (say a simple 2D plate) with an edge crack in it using 'Ansys R16'. I see that under sinusoidal loading condition, the two crack faces open or close and interpenetrate (after closing which is not possible practically).

          1.  I believe, stiffnesses of the crack faces change during interpenetration and so the results are not credible anymore.

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Computational Biomechanics of a Subject-specific Brain: Postdoctoral Fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University

A Postdoctoral Fellowship is available at The Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, in the area of Computational Brain Biomechanics under accelerative conditions. The goals include modeling the dynamic response of the brain and modeling subject-to-subject variability. The approach will develop computational head model using finite element method, considering advanced mathematical and computational techniques and up-to-date mechanics-based understanding of the brain biomechanics.

Finite Element Analysis

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I have one Finite Element Analysis Question.

For static analysis inertia and damping forces are negligible. To what extent must the load vary with respect to time, so as to consider Dynamic analysis instead of static analysis for a given FEA problem.

use of ABAQUS Explicit - importance of *bulk viscosity

Hello there!

 I am fairly new to ABAQUS but I have been trying to model several experimental set-ups on cold-formed steel beams. I intend to obtain both the elastic buckling critical modes (*buckle analysis), as well as the load parameter corresponding to failure, which i first modelled through a NLGEOM analysis (*STEP, NLGEOM, INC=xxx/*STATIC, RIKS).

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Free FEM-pack development for everybody

Dear All! If it will be interesting
for you please look at my FEM-pack FASTRAN. This software was developed for
dynamic analysis of the thin-walled shell-type structures and includes:
preprocessor (only for view early-developed FEM-models), processor (fast sparse
solver) and postprocessor (for view calculation results). Your opinion will be
very interesting for me.

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