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Constitutive modeling Damage

How to incorporate a variable in damage model?

Hello every body,

I would like to use CDM (continuum damage mechanics) for modeling damage in my constitutive model and I need to incorporate a variable (or its effects) into my mechanical damage that doesn't evolve or change by time but changes by other factors (such as irradiation dose or etc..). Does anyone know of a paper which had been used the similar approach? I would really appreciate it if you can provide the link for me because I couldn't find any so far.




PhD position at University of Lorraine, France

Project title: Micromechanical modeling of geomaterials by considering the microstructural anisotropy 

Location: Nancy (France), Georessources Laboratory, University of Lorraine

Starting date and duration: September/October, 2018, 3 years

Candidates: First-class undergraduate and master degrees in mechanics, applied mathematics, civil engineering or other related disciplines. The candidates should be motivated by research in theoretical and numerical modeling and have a good background in mathematics, mechanics of materials, finite element method, etc. 

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