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multiple sclerosis in the workplace; discipline as hope to cure disability legally justified


I wish  to submit  a documented  newsworthy Candian superior court decision written in Frenchthat has not yet ciculated widely in English

 It shows that an English Canadian  university used forced unpaid leaves of absence for harmless  clerical  typos caught in time despite the cancelled accommodation of an  assisted  double check having been cancelled because it was too costly. 

The leaves were used as discipline in the 'HOPE' as an experiment to always get error free correct ordinary clerical office work.

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Photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants


School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

Post-Doc Position is avalaible in Bio-Mimetic Adhesive Interfaces

A Post-Doc Position is avalaible in Bio-Mimetic Adhesive Interfaces (EbioAdI) at the University of Mons-Hanaut, Belgium

Supervisor: Prof. Pascal Damman, PhD
University of Mons-Hainaut
Interfaces & Complex Fluids Lab (InFluX)
European Collaborative Research Project (ESF-Eurocores)
Duration : 1 – 3 years
Deadline: 1 September 20088

In short:

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Open PhD position: Microstructures in Solids

Info:  The goal of this project is to investigate the mechanical and acoustical behavior of materials characterized by a well-defined miscrostructure. The research will involve experimental, theoretical and computational mechanics.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, science-driven, outstanding young
candidate with experience in solid and structural mechanics. Experience
with basic mechanical testing techniques is also appreciated.

PhD grant on error estimate and automatic grid adaptation for Reynolds Averaged Navier-Stokes Equations

Location: Centrale Nantes, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory UMR6598, Nantes, FRANCE.


Title: Discretization error estimate and automatic local grid adaptation for the computation of turbulent free-surface flows at high Reynolds number

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Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Cardiovascular Mechanics

The Biomedical Engineering program at the University of South Carolina is seeking highly qualified candidates for one postdoctoral research associate position in the Cardiovascular Engineering Laboratory.

Post-Doctoral Research Position in Experimental Mechanics, University of Delaware

We seek a highly qualified applicant for a post-doctoralresearch position in experimental mechanics and materials.  The successful candidate will designand conduct experiments establishing mechanical properties of thin polymerfilms and layered composite materials at a range of temperatures and humidityconditions. The project aims towards improving the durability of polymer fuelcells and is funded through DOE. Funding for this position is availableimmediately for a period of one year and may be renewed thereafter.


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School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences seeks highly qualified applicants for a post-doctoral research position in experimental materials science.  The successful candidate will participate in a project to design an apparatus for high-temperature calorimetry on nanoscale quantities of materials. This apparatus will be used to study phase transformations in complex ternary and quaternary materials systems.

Seeking POSTDOC position on tribology (wear & Friction), Composite manufacturing, Functionally Gradient Composite, natural fibre

I am Umesh K Dwivedi, a research scholar in polymer composite dept at AMPRI (CSIR) Bhopal. PhD will be awarded in July, 2008. I have been working in composite field (manufacturing, testing, analysis) for  6 and plus years. For my resume please contact me at 

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Post-Doc position on stresses and adhesion in multilayers (France)

Please note that a post-doc position on stresses and adhesion in optical multilayers is open. The position is for 2-years shared between SVI (Paris) and Phymat (Poitiers).

Link to a virus-free MS Word description of the position:

For further details and applications (cover letter, CV, statement of research interests):

Post-doc Newton Fellowship

Dear all,


Below is an opportunity to apply for post-doctoral positions in the UK for two years if you are not currently working in the UK. I am currently looking for candidates with expertise in computational mechanics to complement the work being performed by 4 to 5 Ph.D. students in areas related to: (1) fracture mechanics (2) surgical simulation (3) multiphysics and multiscale modelling of fracture in materials with complex architectures. Please contact me if you are interested stephane dot bordas at gmail dot com

Postdoctoral Researcher Position in Solid Mechanics

A postdoctoral researcher position is available at the Solid Mechanics Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique (Paris).  The aim of this postdoctoral research project is to investigate the mechanical behavior of a newly-developed all-metal sandwich sheet material for automotive and aerospace applications. The ultimate goal is to optimize the characteristic sandwich core structure for formability, crashworthiness and fatigue life. This research makes use of experimental, theoretical and computational mechanics.

Postdoctoral researcher position on Meshfree Simulations of Adiabatic Shear Band and Spall Fracture

A postdoctoral researcher position is available at UC Berkeley. The research project is about developing a commercial software or a Meshfree Module for one of the widely used commercial FEM codes.

A Ph.D.+MSc Position on Brain Surgery Simulation by XFEM and FleXFEM

High Performance Computing MSc+Ph.D. position available at the University of Glasgow on Massively Parallel Brain Surgery Simulation with the extended finite element method (XFEM and FleXFEM)  (University of Glasgow) -- funding body is EPSRC.

One year MSc in HPC in Edinburgh (all costs covered by funding) + 3 year Ph.D.  and access to HecToR, one of the world's largest super-computer, including training with experts in massively parallel simulation (10,000+ processors).

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Ph.D. Candidate Position Available at the University of Waterloo

This is a fully funded research project at the University of Waterloo, Canada. The objective is to construct a PECVD and a UV cure chambers for porous dielectric thin film depositions. In addition to building chambers, the candidate will conduct experiments in thin film fracture and small scale deformation. Please email your CV to

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Post-doctoral research associate position

The Computational Science and Engineering Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is seeking highly qualified candidates for one post-doctoral research associate position in the Center for Simulation of Advanced Rockets.

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University lecturership in Engineering Science in Oxford

Here is a position for University lecturership in Engineering Science(Solid or Structural Mechanics)in association with a Tutorial fellowshiip at Pembroke College. 

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An immediate opening for a Ph.D. student in Melbourne, Australia

An immediate opening for a Ph.D. student in Solid/Structural Mechanics is available at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. The successful candidate will work with Prof. John Beynon, Prof. Guoxing Lu and Dr. Tracy D. Ruan to investigate the structural components made of aluminium and/or with metallic foams, with enhanced crashworthiness performance under several typical static and impact loadings.   (*Please note that IELTS score is a MUST for this position.*)

Postdoctoral position in Multiscale Modeling

The Computational Solid Mechanics group under the direction of Prof. Marisol Koslowski in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue has an opening for a postdoctoral position in the area of multiscale modeling as part of the project “Plasticity in ultrafine grained materials” funded by DOE. A successful candidate is expected to have a strong background in computational solid mechanics and programming experience. While experience in plasticity using dislocation dynamics or phase field methods is a plus, all outstanding candidates will be considered.


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