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PhD program supported by China Scholarship Council CSC PhD Research Projects for 2016

In the last two decades, considerable observational and theoretical work has been devoted to all aspects of earthquake prediction research, for solving fundamental questions concerning the mechanics of fault systems, as well as for answering questions regarding earthquake hazard.The european natural observatory of the Corinth Rift (, a very rapidly deforming area (opening strain rate of ~10-6/yr) where one or more earthquakes with magnitudes above 6 are expected in the coming decades provides a frame

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Deformation rates and localization of an active fault system

The Corinth Rift in Greece is one of the most active extensional regions in the Mediterranean area (Fig. 1). The Corinth Rift Laboratory project (CRL, is based on the cooperation of various european institutions that merge their efforts to study fault mechanics and related hazards in this natural laboratory where numerous continuous observations are made. The present rift is asymmetric and deformation is very localized.

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