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dislocation core

Interim replacement at CEA/Saclay, France

Five-month temporary assignment starting from the beginning of March 2015, in Service de Recherches de Métallurgie Physique, CEA/Saclay (France).

Title of the project: Ab initio modeling of dislocations in body-centered cubic metals.

Research area: Solid State Physics, Material Science

about the gradient of dislocation core

According to the eigenstrain theory of micromechanics, described in the book by Toshio Mura (micromechanics of defects in solid, 1982) from page 15-20.

He provided the formulas for the eigenstrain at the core of screw and edge dislocation, but I can not understand completely.  

Anybody can provide some reference articles about the gradient value du(i)/dx(j) at the core of screw and edge dislocations respectively?  





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