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thermal expansion

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How does abaqus calculate deformation gradient in presence of thermal expansion

When we only have mechanical loading, I understand that abaqus calculates the total deformation gradient using F = I + partial_U/partial_X and U = N_i*U_i where U_i is the displacement at the nodes  and N is the shape function .

If I use a thermal expansion in addition to mechanical loading , Does abaqus give the total deformation gradient incorporating both mechanical loading and  thermal expansion ?
F = I + partial_Utot/partial_X ; Utot = U_mechanical + U_thermal

CTE: coefficient of thermal expansion - Secant Method - Ansys

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I have to perform a thermo-mechanical simulation in Ansys WB and I have to provide the cte of a material.

I have few experience with thermo-mechanical simulation.

I have got a document with the material properties of this material; there I have the Tg (glass transition temperature)

and two coefficients: cte1 (below Tg) and cte2 (above Tg).


-->  How should I calculate the CTE for a temperature range (e.g. -50 < Tg < 300) ?   <---


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Developmental Thermal Barrier Coating Bond Coats

Thermomechanical Behavior of Developmental Thermal Barrier Coating Bond Coats

Authors: Amit Pandey 1, 2, Vladimir K. Tolpygo 3,  Kevin J. Hemker 1

1. The Johns Hopkins University, Department of Mechanical Engineering

2. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Materials Science and Technology Division

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