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How do I rectify an error regarding memory storage when I generate substructures in ABAQUS?

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I have been trying to generate a substructure in ABAQUS for a big diameter roller bearing. I have used two reference points, one each for inner and outer raceways to couple the inner and outer raceway surfaces. I have two steps in the analysis. The first step is Frequency followed by Substructure generation step. The analysis runs fine till the end of first step and calculates the eigen frequencies. When the second step starts, following error message appears.

" Element 439473 requires more than 2GB of memory for storage"

Substructure Generation in ABAQUS


I have created a substructure in Abaqus. As output, I will like to see the substructure matrices (mass, stiffness and damping matrices). However, I'm only able to write the mass and stiffness matrices to an output file (*.mtx).

Does anyone know how to create an output file including both the mass, stiffness and damping matrices of the substructure? Below, I have shown what I have written in the input file (*.inp).

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