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Using Substructure for contact modelling in Abaqus

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How do I rectify an error regarding memory storage when I generate substructures in ABAQUS?

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I have been trying to generate a substructure in ABAQUS for a big diameter roller bearing. I have used two reference points, one each for inner and outer raceways to couple the inner and outer raceway surfaces. I have two steps in the analysis. The first step is Frequency followed by Substructure generation step. The analysis runs fine till the end of first step and calculates the eigen frequencies. When the second step starts, following error message appears.

" Element 439473 requires more than 2GB of memory for storage"

Using Substructure for contact modelling in Abaqus

I have a
problem to use substructure for contact anaylsis of two gears. I have
already read the example in abaqus Example problem manual for help.
Well, to explain my problem in detail, I have two nastron files of two
gears and later using FORTRAN I am able to write the programm to
generate the *.inp files. What I tried to do is
1. Substrcture generation of two gears in seperate files. Now I have two
sets of substructures available for individual gears. While generating

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