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Two-Pass Rolling Simulation - 2012

Hot rolling is a basic metal forming technique that is used to transform
preformed shapes into final products or forms that are suitable for further
processing.  The important aspects of this manufacturing operation are the
elongation and spread of the material during the rolling process.

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Fully Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of Wind Turbine Rotor Blades-2012

A fully coupled fluid-structure interaction analysis of a wind turbine rotor is
presented. Abaqus/Standard and STAR-CCM+ are directly coupled through the
SIMULIA co-simulation engine. With this approach, a high fidelity modeling
strategy can be used to develop an accurate understanding of the blade dynamics.

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Simulation of the Ballistic Perforation of Aluminum Plates with Abaqus/Explicit -2012

Simulation of the Ballistic Perforation of Aluminum Plates describes Abaqus/Explicit modeling of the ballistic impact of metal projectiles
on metal targets. It will demonstrate the utility of Abaqus/Explicit as a tool
for reducing the amount of experimental testing as well as assessing the
projectile residual velocities and time-resolved kinematics. 

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Pipeline Rupture in Abaqus/Standard with Ductile Failure Initiation-2012

Pipeline Rupture in Abaqus/Standard will be used to predict the burst pressure of a steel pipe-line
with a notch-type defect. A ductile damage initiation criterion is used, and
favorable comparison with available experimental data will be shown.

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Coupled Electromagnetic and Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis of a Solenoid Valve-2012

It is a methodology for building a coupled electromagnetic and fluid-structure
interaction analysis of a solenoid valve. A seamless integration between the
applicable analysis techniques allows for the simulation of the complex
multiphysics interactions.

Fidesys Online: Cloud Computing Platform for FEA


The Fidesys Online web service allows to carry out deformation mode
analysis for articles under static loads. You will need only web browser
and Internet connection. Now it's easier than ever.

Structural Engineer / FE Analyst

TitanX is strengthening its numerical simulation capabilities. As part of this process, we are looking for two additional FE Analysts.

The exact scope and location of each position can to some extent be adjusted, function of the applications we will receive. We therefore encourage anyone looking for new challenges and exciting opportunities in the field of simulation to send their CV to our Group Simulation Manager, Jean-Baptiste Leydet. E-mail:

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Seeking Engineering Analyst with ABAQUS Experience

Endurica LLC ( is a growing, high-technology, small business startup with customers in the defense, heavy equipment, offshore, and automotive sectors. We deliver world-leading solutions and services for managing elastomer durability issues at the conceptual / CAE stage. We are located in Findlay, Ohio.

We are seeking a full time Engineering Analyst to develop and execute analysis projects, and to support customers in their applications of Endurica’s fatigue analysis technology.

MRC Elsevier Distinguished Lecture, NJIT, Wednesday 11 April 2012


Elsevier is pleased to announce that Professor Thomas Hughes will be presenting 'Isogeometric Analysis', the Mechanics Research Communications Elsevier Distinguished Lecture (sponsored by Elsevier and the New Jersey Institute of Technology Granular Science Laboratory). The lecture will take place in the Guttenberg Information Technologies Center, NJIT, on Wednesday April 18, 2012, 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. and we are hoping to post it on the web at a later date. Full details are available at

Call for Papers Open – 2012 SIMULIA Customer Conference

Join us in Providence, RI, May 15-17, 2012, and share your success story!Abstracts for papers are due November 7, 2011.All users of SIMULIA products including Abaqus FEA, Multiphysics, Isight and Simulation Lifecycle Management (SLM) are invited to submit an abstract.

Get more information here:

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Problem of Model Verification for a Curved Beam Model

Dear all,

I have a problem in model verification for a curved beam model. I have formulated an Euler-Bernoulli beam model similar to the following paper (refered as Pai's model), but employing Euler angle description.

P.F., Palazotto, A.N., 1996, “Large-deformation analysis of flexible beams,” International Journal of Solids Structures,
33(9), pp. 1335-1353.

Full time opportunity at Schlumberger - Houston Pressure and Sampling Product Center

A full time opportunity is available in Schlumberger at the Houston Pressure and Sampling Product Center. Please see the attachment for details.

Check out our latest issue of SIMULIA Realistic Simulation News!

From spacecrafts to army helmets, the latest issue of SIMULIA Realistic Simulation News delivers customer success stories and industry strategy focused on Aerospace and Defense. 

Our feature article is an exciting and in-depth report on Dutch Space’s application of Abaqus in literal rocket science: virtual testing of a new metallic thermal protection system for hypersonic space vehicles.

Also in this issue:

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Position in Industry - Research Scientist Computational Modelling

Currently we, Huntsman (Europe) BVBA, are looking for a Research
Scientist Computational Modelling at our Everberg offices close to Brussels,

FEA engineer job position in Microsoft, Mountain View, CA

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and test data
analysis Engineer Job Description:


is a world leader in the design of entertainment devices. We are looking for a
creative, talented and experienced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and test data
analysis Engineer.


MATLAB for thermal simulation

I'm currently studying FEA/CFD and BEM for thermal simulation of custom dies within custom package mounted on custom PCB with encapsulate material (epoxy). I getting familar with CFD concept which seem overkill from ANSYS IcePack (too expensive) but exploring BEM technology from E3D in france (via Vishay).

I have access to MATLAB from other company to try it out for thermal modelling (BEM).

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Abaqus Regional Users' Meetings hosted by SIMULIA

It's not to late to register and attend upcoming Abaqus Regional Users' Meetings hosted by
SIMULIA. Check out the upcoming RUMs in locations such as Michigan, Japan, Spain and 16 additoinal locations around the world.  

Register online to attend in order to gather simulation tips and techniques from your peers and learn about the latest FEA, Multiphysics, Optimizatoin, and SLM capabilities from SIMULIA.


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Call for Papers on Abaqus FEA for 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference

The 2011 SIMULIA Customer Conference (SCC) will be held May 16-19, 2011 in beautiful Barcelona, Spain. A city filled with world famous museums, historical sites, shopping, entertainment, and culinary delights.

We are pleased to invite you to join your colleagues and share your Abaqus FEA experience by submitting an abstract by November 8, 2010.

Abstracts are also being accepted for papers detailing the use of Isight for simulation process automation and design optimization.

Free Webinar on Design of High Efficiency Steam Turbine in AxSTREAM

SoftInWay invites engineers to take part in free 1-hour webinar "Design of High Efficiency Steam Turbine in AxSTREAM" that will take place on Thursday, October 21, 2010, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST.

The webinar demonstrates the steps of steam turbine design on 1D/2D level, with particular focus on influence of different factors on turbine efficiency at the following stages of design:

- 1D Preliminary design and optimization: number of stages, geometrical and structural constraint

Engineer/programmer sought for multiphysics simulation software development position in Baltimore, MD

CDI Marine Band Lavis Division is seeking individuals with skills in
engineering and software development in the Baltimore, MD area
(relocation assistance available) for full-time work on exciting,
research-oriented marine engineering projects. CDI is a large, stable
company of which Band Lavis Division is a small, profitable division
with a laid back atmosphere and small-company flexibility.

Reinforced Concrete in ANSYS

I am conducting a senior design project in ANSYS.  I am modeling a folded reinforced concrete plate and have never used ansys before.  Does anyone have any tutorials that involve non-linear analysis?  I am trying to get a force vs. deflection curve and I am having troubles.


Career after the Ph.D.


I'm an Engineer and a Ph.D. student in Applied Maths, working in the field of Nonlinear Finite Elements for Elasticity. I often think about my future career since, by now, I have a strong experience with coding FE in C++/Matlab/Mathematica, but no clue whatsoever about commercial black-box softwares for FEA. I'm worried about this, since most of the job vacancies from the industry (I'm not interested in pursuing the Academic career) seem to require only experience with a specific software and application, and not to directly code FE.

Beam - Simply Supported - Quad8s

Example of 8-node shell elements representing a simply supported beam.  The beam can represented in two different orientations.  Both are equivalent if the plate thickness is the same as the length in this case.  The boundary conditions in the upper beam actually depend on how the beam is physically supported (whether the restraint is underneath the beam or in the middle or at the top).  In this example, I have placed the support in the middle.  Restraints have been added in the X and Y directions on one end and in the X direction on the other end.

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