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Nitinol Webinar next week




An Introduction to the Unique Material Properties of Nitinol

  • Wednesday, November 11
  • 1 p.m. Eastern time

Hook up to this live online presentation with interactive capability and you’ll
be rewarded with a comprehensive course, including:

Free Materialise and ANSYS event on Virtual Prototyping Breakthroughs for Innovative Healthcare Applications

Are you curious to learn more about FEA or CFD simulations on patient-specific data? Then Materialise and ANSYS would like to invite you to their upcoming free seminar on “Virtual Prototyping Breakthroughs for Innovative Healthcare Applications”, where you will learn how numerical solutions can help the Biomedical and Healthcare industry in the development of innovative solutions.

Internship available in FEA of elastomers

Internship Announcement  

Title : FEA of Elastomers

Category: Internship in Industry

Employer: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Location: Sugar Land, TX, USA

Starting Date: 01/01/2010

FEA Improves Reliability of Flip-Chip Packaging

On Aug 10, 2009, Semiconductor International (SI) Newsbreak published a report on my work in AMD about 3D fracture study of underfill delamination as the top story in that issue.  I have never imagined that. Except the pleasure I received from this good news, I wonder if this work is also interesting to iMechanica community.  For that reason, I attach here the SI news report and the original paper published on ITherm2008 Proceedings. Welcome any comments and thoughts.


Reg. Penetrations in a Contact Analysis Code

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I have developed a FORTRAN code to simulate the molding process of glass to make lenses. Hence, it involves a contact analysis between the glass and molds. The contact is modeled using the master and slave node concept and the mold is assumed to be rigid. For the application of this code, we are looking at highly precise dimensions to capture the curve of the mold on the glass after molding.

Compressive Strength of Fabric??

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I am trying to model a rubber impregnated fabric as rebar in Abaqus Standard. It seems that the rebar is only good in uniaxial tension load and it causes convergence problem in bending and compression loading. The fabric and rubber matrix has a compressive strength and that is critical to the model that I am analyzing. What would be a good approach to include compression on fabric rebar? The compressive strength of fabric matrix should be an order of magnitude lower than the tensile strength but I do not have a test data in compressive loading.

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Modelling Hyper-elastic Plate Using ABAQUS

Dear All,

For months, I have tried to model a plate with circular hole which has the properties of hyper-elastic material (Ogden) but the results are still not promising compared to literature (Y Basar 1998).  The main problems are:

1. The maximum load I succeeded to apply was q=26, while literature had applied load up to 90. For q > 26, the analysis will terminate with errors such as too many attempt, excessive distortion etc.

2. The results I get for q<26 are not the same as literature. 

I attach my best result for your viewing.

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Abaqus Users' Conference - now the SIMULIA Customer Conference

2009 SIMULIA Customer Conference
May 18-21, 2009 • the Brewery, London, England

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Nominal stress Vs Nominal strain plot in FE simulations

Hi all,

 I want to plot nominal stress Vs nominal strain plot from my FEA simulation. In generally I will get stress and strain at element level, now how can I plot stress-strain for the overall struture. I am applying uniaxual load on specimen. My analysis is non-linear.

Thank you




Producing Stress Analysis from Strain data

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I am doing research on the stresses that are produced when a retainer (a thermoplastic sheet) is placed on the teeth. We've designed the project so that we take an initial scan of the sheet and a final "shifted" scan of the sheet. We'd like to compare, find the strain, and calculate the stress neccessary to produce this strain.

I was hoping to use FEA for it possible? I have access to Abaqus and Ansys, and where can i find the commands that allow me to do this.

Structural FEA Intern

Mar 05, 2009 

This position has been filled. Thanks for reading and applying.


Internship available in FEA of elastomers

Internship Announcement  

Title : FEA of Elastomers

Category: Internship in Industry

Employer: Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Location: Sugar Land, TX, USA

Starting Date: 01/01/2009

difficulties CONTACT problem with plasticity using ABAQUS FEA code.

Hello everyone:

1.  I have built a FEM model 2D plane strain using ABAQUS/Standard (CPE4R) elements,

2. I am  modeling the contact between a cylinder and a plate in 2D.

3. The Cylinder material is given is ELASTIC ISOTROPIC material with no plasticit E=310 GPa

4.  The plate is with a Ramberg-Osgood plasticity with a Young's modulus E=210 GPa.

5. The mesh at the the contact point is VERY refined element characteristic length is about 1 micron. (My model units are  (mm,N,sec)).

Mechanism to increase energy efficiency

As shown in figure two pulleys can rotate about their axis. Stationary
plate is simply supported on these two pulleys. Now the weight of
stationary plate applied on each pulley in vertical downward direction
is Mg/2. This Mg/2 will divided in two parts. One is tangential and
second is towards the center. Tangential part will help to rotate
pulleys and toward the center part will generate the friction.

Force is stationary and it can help to rotate pulleys at some angle.

Internship available in FEA of Elastomers

An internship position is available in the area of Finite Element Analysis of Elastomers in the Simulation and Modeling Group at Schlumberger, Sugar Land, TX.

Mimics 11.1 released!

Leuven, November 19, 2007. Materialise
launches Mimics 11.1, the new release of the company’s medical imaging and
editing software. This new release builds on the last one, enhancing export to
FEA even more. Overall usability and performance were improved with some very
nice new features. Take a look at our website for more information.



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