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Open-source finite element code

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to let those interested in Matlab finite element development and educational environments that the successor to the SOFEA toolkit is now available at

The toolkit now provides in addition to thermal and stress analysis (static and dynamic) also sample simulations from other fields, such as acoustics, nonlinear heat conduction analysis, electrostatics, small-strain plasticity, .... The toolkit now also includes an implementation of the Nodally Integrated Continuum Elements (NICE) which are quite effective for nearly incompressible mechanics problems.

The toolkit and the accompanying textbook are open-source and freely available. The book is also available in print.

ANSYS qu from new user: help me write a "for" loop please!

Hi: I am a new ANSYS user and would really appreciate help writing a "for"-type loop to go with an example found here:

 At the end of the example is the paragraph below.  I want to know how to do this!  Can anyone modify the code for me?  I don't even know where to start.  I would be very grateful!  

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