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concrete modelling

modelling of reinforced concrete structural elements in ANSYS

i want to model reinforced concrete beam and column in ansys software.i choose the same solid 70 both for steel and concrete. changed only the material properties. is it ok?

how can i model the stirrups?

if i am using the link33 for steel,how can i do it?

i am going to find the fire resistance of reinforced concrete beams and columns by including the factors required under performance based design and validating the results with real fire test values.

how we include the multilinear properties of concrete in the modelling?

concrete model does not converge

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I am working on a simple concrete model. The model fails
to converge for relatively smaller loads. I am not very proficient with
abaqus. If someone can tell me what to tweak to get it running, I'll be

Please take a look at the inp file attached.

reinforced concrete walls under cyclic (quasi-static) loading in ABAQUS


I started modelling the
behaviour of the reinforced concrete walls under cyclic loading using
.  I used a shell element part with solid homogeneous
section and defined the concrete behaviour using concrete damaged plasticity
material definition. Embedded truss elements were used to define the steel
rebars. In 2 different steps (left and right) I defined the cyclic loading (in
plane) as imposed displacement (using amplitude-smooth step).

My question are:

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