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reinforced concrete walls under cyclic (quasi-static) loading in ABAQUS


I started modelling the
behaviour of the reinforced concrete walls under cyclic loading using
.  I used a shell element part with solid homogeneous
section and defined the concrete behaviour using concrete damaged plasticity
material definition. Embedded truss elements were used to define the steel
rebars. In 2 different steps (left and right) I defined the cyclic loading (in
plane) as imposed displacement (using amplitude-smooth step).

My question are:

1. Is it correct to define
the cyclic loading in this meaner? 

2. How can I define an
unloading step  between the left step and the right step, as the structure
in reality will have the tendency to move (partially)  towards the initial
position ?  Probably this is the reason why I'm receiving the warning The option *BOUNDARY,TYPE=DISPLACEMENT has been used with a jump in displacements at the nodes in node set WarnNodeWithJump-Step2 at the beginning of the next step; all jumps in displacement across steps are ignored

If needed I can send the input file to those interested in the subject.

Best regards,



You need a good control to eliminate inertia effects. Any accumulated error will become stress wave in the model. Try Standard which has stringent convergence criterion.

Thank you for the interest shown Mr. Wang. I will run an Standard analyses to see the differences.

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Hi Freind i'm also doing the same project can you send me the input file as well as .cae file... So it can help me please send me dude....

my e-mail is

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How U define the concrete plasticity in abaqus?

I'm running a model with solid elements and concrete damage plasticity model.  I'm having problems with convergence as I make my geometry more complex.  I've modeled a slab and I-girder as one solid element to model a monolithic connection between the girder and slab.  When I run the same model with only a concrete slab the model runs fine and will converge.  But once I redo the geometry and include the girder with the slab the model does converge after a fraction of the previous model.  Any suggestions on what to change?  I'm using the Riks method to solve the iterations.  I'm trying to end with Force vs. Displacement diagrams for the model.

I 'm working in reinforced concrete wall in ABAQUS with cyclic but I couldn't get a good histersis chart for my concrete,would you please help me?is it possible for you to send your input file or cae file for me?I need your help very much.

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hi i'm also doing project same as you can you please send me input file or cae file if you got it plaese... really i need your help...please send me e-mail id is

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