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Zienkiewicz passed away...

Name            Olgierd Zienkiewicz
Nationality     British
Birth date      18 May 1921
Birth place     Caterham, UK
Date of death   2 January 2009
Place of death  Swansea, UK

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How to prevent the trash ADs at iMechanica?

Recently, more and more trash ADs appear at imechanica. The users like "ORDER CIALIS ONLINE - US DRUGSTORE FDA" have added the ADs at the comments. Is there any good method for us to prevent such behavior at imechanica? As one of the moderator, may I have the right to directly give such users name to system operator to prevent these trash ADs?

Any comments are welcome.

Ying Li

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Poisson's ratio changable of carbon nanotube sheet

Here is a recent work on the Poisson's ratio of carbon nanotube sheet [1]. From the experimental results, the researchers found that the Poisson's ratio could change from 0.06 to -0.20 as the content of MWNTs increasing from 0~100%. The interesting zero Poisson's ratio and auxetic materials were thus found.  

Ref. [1] Sign Change of Poisson's Ratio for Carbon Nanotube Sheets. Science 25 April 2008: 504-507

Ying Li

Department of Engineering Mechanics, Tsinghua University

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Buckling behavior of metal film/substrate structure under pure bending

Many studies on the thin film/substrate structure and its failure mechanism were reported in recent years. The direct experimental results of thin film/substrate structure by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) presents an intriguing problem:there exists a buckling failure mechanism at the lateral edge of metal film under pure bending. The qualitative theoretical analysis has been done on such buckling failure of thin film/substrate structure.

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The free trial of Maney Publishing

Maney Publishing are pleased to announce that 30-day free trials are now available to individuals and institutions interested in our Materials Science and Engineering journals. To apply for a free trial simply follow the link and complete the online form. We will confirm your trial start date via e-mail and will be in contact with you prior to the expiration of your trial to answer any questions you may have.

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UC Berkeley shows the class video at youtube!

As the mit show the OCW, the berkeley relases the class video at youtube, which could benefit the students all over the world. Enjoy it!  

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The US-China NSF Workshop and Summer Institute of Bio- and Nano-Mechanics and Applications (UCWSI2007)

The US-China NSF Workshop and Summer Institute of
Bio- and Nano-Mechanics and Applications (UCWSI2007)
August 31 -- September 4, 2007
Beijing, China

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How to characterize the interface?

Recently, I am interested in the interface between two different masses. But, I don’t know how to characterize the interface between them, especially the adhesive strength and the mechanics model.

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我校校友、美国哥伦比亚大学副教授陈曦博士,获美国NSF CAREER AWARD(美国国家科学基金会(NSF)网)。

    我校力学系毕业生、哈佛大学Allen E. and Marilyn M. Puckett教授锁志刚博士和布朗大学Walter H. Annenberg University Professor教授高华建博士,曾于上世纪九十年代初分别获得过此殊荣。

    陈曦,1976年7月出生,江苏人。1994年毕业于西安交大工程力学系,1997毕业于清华大学工程力学系,2001年在哈佛大学固体力学博士学位(导师为美国科学院院士、工程院院士J.W. Hutchinson),2001-2003年在哈佛大学从事博士后研究(合作导师J.W. Hutchinson和美国科学院院士、工程院院士A.G. Evans),2003年起任教于美国哥伦比亚大学,2006年被提前两年提升为副教授,现任该校纳米力学研究中心主任。其主要学术领域为:碳纳米管、分子生物、新型能源材料和薄膜的力学行为、固体流体耦合、纳米压痕测试等,撰写发表学术期刊论文80余篇,在美国大学和国际会议作学术报告80余次。

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How to select a proper journal to submit your paper?

Recently, I have written a paper about the relationship between the dragonfly’s microstructure and the load response. It is analyzed by the experiments and FEM. But when I finished the paper, I find that it is difficult to select a proper journal to submit this paper. Although I have seen many papers about this problem, it is not proper for some of them or the others are so high such as Science. So I want to ask a question “how to select a proper journal to submit your paper?” Thank you!


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