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Applying heat flux for a specific amount of time using ANSYS

Hi everyone,

how can I apply a 'X' amount of heat flus for a specific amount of time? It'll be helpful to include the steps especially for the part on specifying the amount of injection time (say 3 micro seconds)



Simulate moving laser beam on a plate in ANSYS

Hi everyone!

I've been trying ansys for a few weeks but in vain. I'm trying to inject a heat source(laser) on a 2D rect plate. I'm not sure on the corrct way to add the boundary conditions. This is what I do:

1. assuming room temp so i added 298K to the bottom, left and right using define loads >add_temp>lines i inject a heat source say 1000K using define loads>add_temp_on nodes to a few surface center nodes (meaning the top surface still have undefine boundary conditions)  

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