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search for Petch's classic paper entitled "The cleavage strength of polycrystals"

Recently, I am reading several classic works on crystal plasticity. But, it seems to be difficult for me to obtain several very old papers in this area. For example, one of the classic papers on Hall-Petch relation,

Petch, N.J., The cleavage strength of polycrystals. The Iron and Steel Institute, 1953, 174: 25-28. I have tried many ways to get the original paper, but I finally failed. Could someone please send me a copy of this paper? Thanks a lot. Here is my email: 



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Stress gradient plasticity

 Liu, D., He, Y., Zhang, B., 2013. Towards a further understanding of dislocation pileups in the presence of stress gradients.  Doi: 10.1080/14786435.2013.774096

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about critical thickness theory

who  can tell me more about the critical thickness theory ?I will be very excited if you   can introduce some reference to me.I know that critical thickness theory is solved rigorously and ursed to validated a useful approximation which is combined with slip distance theory modified for a finite structure size . (physical life review letters :elastic limit and strain hardening of thin wires in torsion)

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