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Phase field modeling of phase transformation using Comsol?

Dear members of imechanica,

Does anyone have any exprience in phase filed modeling of phase transformation in comsol? To be more specific, I would like to know if it is possible to solve the field equation and diffusion equation at the same time using Comsol PDE module or any other module?

I know that there are phase field modules for liquid/solid intractions in Comsol. However, what I intend to do is phase transformation or solidification.


Thanks in advance.

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TiNi Life Curves



I am searching for Fatigue properties of TiNi low tempered alloy to use in Ansys. But I cant find. could you pls tell me where can I find these properties.



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Ansys File Import

I am working on a FEM project in which i should import a complicated 3D model to Ansys.

 I created The IGES format of the model which the size was 52Mb for the IGES file.The model contains very curvy surfaces and it is is created By 3D doctor....


when i import it to ANSYS it doesnt create any volume and i can see only small areas. 

now how can i make the model more handy for ansys....also i need to have a volume in order to meshing....

could u please help me to get out through this?


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M.S thesis topic selection help about fuel cells or etc.


I am a mechanic eng. M.S student with interest on material science-energy-applied mechanic and the fields like this. 

could anyone tell me what are the recent projects are doning in fuel cell field? are the people doing structural mechanical research on fuel cells and etc?

as projcet going to be done at 2011 what are the newest topics?

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