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Some references on dynamic testing

First of all, I would like to thank you all for the response. I apologize for the much delayed reply.

In what follows, I will list a few references about
dynamic behaviors of materials at large and the testing techniques. Of
course I will definitely omit some important books or papers since after
all I am more a materials scientist. Therefore, if you know of know of
any good references, please let us know.

Journal Club Theme of June 2011: Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Advanced Structural Materials

The response of structural materials to external mechanical load may strongly depend on the rate at which the load is imposed. For example, a specimen may exhibit ductile fracture if loaded at quasi-static rate (strain rate below 1.0/s), but may show brittle fracture under impact (high-rate) loading. According to the classic monograph of Professor Marc Meyers, if the strain rate is above 100/s, it can be put into the high-strain rate regime. The mechanical behavior of structural materials under such loading conditions is dubbed dynamic.

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