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Looking for Suggestion and/or Further Cooperation

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To who concern, 

I am currently a Mechanical & Maintenance Engineering PhD candidate in the University of Manchester. My research is focused on measurement technique in condition monitoring for machinery maintenance. My project is “Using an Optical Sensor to Measure the Instantaneous Rotating Speed of Machinery as Non-Contact Measurement”.

Instantaneous angular speed (IAS) has been more and more popular to be investigated in condition monitoring of machinery, such as diesel engines, pumps, electrical motors, and compressors.

A laser optical mouse, which is usually used as a computer peripheral device, has been investigated to be a monitoring device employed in non-contact measurement of IAS. Compared with the conventional contact measurements of IAS, non-contact measurement of IAS using a laser mouse is low cost, wireless transmission, real-time analysis, easy installation, easy operation and easy extension.

Now I am looking for some engineering suggestions and further cooperation. My supervisor and I are confident that you will be very satisfied with the new invention that we offer. If you are interested, we will deliver more information which will facilitate you understand the most of our investigation. If you have questions or/and suggestions, please contact us. If you would like to look for further cooperation, we will be happy to make a time to have a discussion with you on the further investigation that will help you achieve your new goals. Again, thank you for concerning.


Mr. Shengke Zhi PhD BSc 

3rd Aug 2007


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Dear Shengke

Is the IAS sensor the same as angular position sensor? I heard of position sensor used in the vehicle suspension control. But they already use wireless position sensors, right?

Can I ask you, How big is this device, and how much it cost?

I am not connected with any industry but am interested in knowing about this device. Thanks,


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Dear Gopinath,

Thanks for your reply and your interesting. The IAS sensor is a speed sensor used to measure instantanesou angular speed that is high accuracy and high resolution to describe the working statment of a rotary machinery. The size of the device is a handle equipment, as 8x5x2cm3. The price is competitive, no more then £100.

 Any other thing you would like to know?

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Thanks for the details. Wish you good luck in your research work. I also went to your blog to find additional details on the IAS, it is interesting.


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