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Hierarchical Materials Symposium at USNCTAM 2014 - Abstract deadline is now January 6, 2014

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Dear Colleagues,


The submission deadline for abstracts to the 17th U.S. National Congress on Theoretical & Applied Mechanics has been extended to Jan 6th, 2014.  Please consider submitting an abstract to at the website below.  We will be holding a symposium on "Elasticity, PLasticity, and Multiphysics of Hierarchical Materials: Mechanisms to Mechanics" that many of you should find quite interesting!


"Advances in materials synthesis and characterization techniques together with ever increasing sophistication of computational prowess has enabled concerted efforts toward design and development of materials with novel architectures such ranging from hierarchical composites to designer nano-micro lattice structures. The key idea is to modulate functional characteristics through microstructural engineering for a variety of applications that include, but are not limited to, materials used in structural, biological, thermal, electrical, optical and electronic systems.


The goal of this symposium is to provide a platform to discuss exciting progress and challenging questions in the area of hierarchical materials. It aims at understanding the mechanics issues related to elastic and inelastic behaviors of a wide range of hierarchical microstructures such as nano-scaled metals, hybrid composites, fibrous architectures, lattice structures. Of particular interest is gaining insight into the mechanisms-mechanics nexus that would enable translating principal deformation mechanisms in these material systems into physically sound constitutive frameworks that enable optimal design. We further invite contributions highlighting the multiscale and multiphysics nature arising from the coupling of the above mechanical phenomena to thermal, electrical, chemical, or physical stimuli.


The symposium strongly encourages contributions from the experimental and modeling perspectives at multiple length-scales and time-scales." 





Tim Rupert - University of California, Irvine

Shailendra Joshi - National University of Singapore

Dennis Kochmann - California Institute of Technology  


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