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Beam elements in Abaqus

Hi every body,

I'm tring to make a beam by using beam elements in Abaqus like this:




The upper half and lower half of beam have diferrent material properties. Due to some restrictions,  I can't model it as a composite beam so, I have to make a beam for upper half and another one for lower half and assemble them together somehow to work whole as a beam with two material properties.

Would you please let me know how can I do that?

Thanks in advance.



Have you tried to use interaction module? I would suggest that you connect the upper half and lower half beam through wires and assign them as a connector either beam or MPC beam. Make suer what kind of constraint you require to connect them?

Just out of curiosity, what are your boundary conditions and how you are applying load? These things decide the axial/rotational degrees of connector elements.

Try with the above.



Hi Jay,

Thanks for your help and sorry for my late response.

I decided to go with MPC subroutine and it did work.

About boundary condition; it's a fixed-free end beam (cantilevered beam). Load is applied at the tip in axial or transvresedirection (depends on the problem) as a tone-burst. It's a dynamic problem about wave propagation in beam.


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