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Abaqus element surface.

Dear all,

I'm using abaqus to build a spherical model, which applies C3D8 linear brick element.  I output the connectivities of one element on the surface and the corresponding coordinates. 

For a linear brick element, the four nodes A,B,C and D on the same surface should lie on the same plane.  However, I got two different normals which are from A,B,C as well as A,B,D.

Is it reasonable or do I misunderstand something?



crack propagation in Abaqus (VCCT) with remeshing

I started using VCCT with quarter tip elements in Abaqus (not XFEM). I can solve the problem and get the SIFs.
How can I let the crack grow? Has someone a script for crack growth and remeshing that I can implement?

Beam elements in Abaqus

Hi every body,

I'm tring to make a beam by using beam elements in Abaqus like this:




Failed element removal

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Dear All,

can any one help me with an idea how to remove fail element using abaqus


How to used elements in ANSYS Classic

Hello to everybody,

 Can somebody help me with advice in the next problem : I want to study an dynamic movement of some beams, with rigid body option from ANSYS Classic. I encountered the problem when I want to choose the element type for cilynder. I choose LINK11. But I need to simulate what is happend between the moment when is applied the force on cilynder and imposed lenght of ciclynder after pool.

How I can settup the properties of element LINK11 to satisfy my results.

Aide Needed in crack propagation with ANSYS

Hello,I'm a student in engineering.  I wannto do simulation of the process of a cracked plate which is subjected to  tensile stress at the each end of the plate and perpendicular to the crack plane. with ansys .( crack type I )

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