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crack propagation in Abaqus (VCCT) with remeshing

I started using VCCT with quarter tip elements in Abaqus (not XFEM). I can solve the problem and get the SIFs.
How can I let the crack grow? Has someone a script for crack growth and remeshing that I can implement?

Crack Propagation in RC Beam

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I am a newbie in ABAQUS. Can someone tell me how do I see crack propogation in a RC beam?

Crack propagation & crack length?

Hi all, I am new here and I have a question.  I have this hydroxyapatite material which is 60% porous and it is very brittle.  I got the material cut already and i was wondering when using SEM, is it possible to use the SEM to measure the crack length?  I am just wondering as to what the use of SEM is besides studying the pore size and to see if any cracks appear before and after cutting the material.  Is it still possible to find the crack propagation even though loading tests were not carried out on the material?  Can you suggest any reading materials on crack length n propagation?  Thank

Aide Needed in crack propagation with ANSYS

Hello,I'm a student in engineering.  I wannto do simulation of the process of a cracked plate which is subjected to  tensile stress at the each end of the plate and perpendicular to the crack plane. with ansys .( crack type I )

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