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Postdoctoral vacancy (2.5 years) on non-destructive inspection of 3D printed metal parts using ultrasound


The use of 3D printed metal structures is taking a very fast ramp-up in industry. General Electric has demonstrated the possibility of printing titanium fuel injectors for their LEAP engine, EADS has printed a nacelle hinge bracket for the Airbus A320, Boeing is printing plastic inlet ducts for high-altitude aircrafts, hip implants and other prosthetics are exploiting the design freedom of additive manufacturing (AM),... 
Additive manufacturing of both stainless steel and titanium alloys yields great potential for the aerospace industry (and others) as it allows the generation of geometrically complex structures with high specific strength, low density and high corrosion resistance.

In this Postdoctoral position, it is the purpose to investigate both the opportunities and limitations of ultrasound techniques (range of 1 MHz – 100 MHz) for nondestructive inspection of 3D printed metal parts. 
This involves :(i) the implementation of data-acquisition, (ii) the development of advanced post-processing approaches and (iii) the analysis in both time- and frequency domain. There are 3D printed metal parts with various post-processing conditions available (e.g. surface finishing, heat treatment, hot isotatic pressure …). In this way, the developed ultrasonic framework can be tested and evaluated for a wide variety of part conditions. 
The research is in close collaboration with several leading companies in the development of 3D printing as well as with various academic partners.

Only candidates with a PhD degree or equivalent experience should apply. The candidate should have a strong background in ultrasound techniques and associated post-processing approaches.

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