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Axisymmetric JKR-type adhesive contact under equibiaxial stretching

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 Our research has just been published in Journal of Adhesion. It deals with axisymmetric frictionless adhesive contact problem for a spherical indenter pressed against an isotropic elastic incompressible half-space under equibiaxial stretching is studied in the framework of the generalized Johnson{Kendall{Roberts (JKR) theory, which accounts for the effect of weak coupling between fracture modes I and II by means of a phenomenological mode-mixity function. The model predicts that contact area can withstand a larger level of the substrate stretch under moderate pre-pulling force. We have provided simple formulas to evaluate the pull-off force and the critical contact radius at the detachment point.

(PDF) Axisymmetric JKR-type adhesive contact under equibiaxial stretching. Available from: [accessed Jul 26 2019].

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