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Marie Curie Research Fellowship available in Aberystwyth University (UK)

Within the IAPP research poject INTERCER2 ( coordinated by me, the Institute of Mathematics and Physics at Aberystwyth University (Research unit coordinator: Prof. Gennady Mishuris) is seeking to appoint a research lecturer in mathematical modelling. The successful candidate will have had research experience in the respective areas of Applied Mathematics and possess a PhD having less then 10 years experience. This is a two year fixed term post.

Drucker Prager plasticity model for ceramics

Hi everybody,

I am a phD student modelling the behaviour of the ceramics under nanoindentation using ABAQUS. I have read that Drucker Prager plasticity model is suitable for ceramics under indentation. To obtain these parameters ABAQUS users manual suggest doing a triaxial test, but I can not find any information relating triaxial test with ceramics (I only find it for soils and rock). Does anybody know another way  to obtain these parameters? Has anybody performed this test experimentally before?



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help for applying the cohesive model to predict the fatigue lift for bimaterial system with perfect interfaces

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Dear fellows,

We will predict the fatigue life for the metal-ceramic multilyer devices subjected to cyclic load in service . Residual stresses are induced during  high- temperature process in the devices, which were known in the previous work. Considering the bimaterial interface as a weak plane, no  geometric discontinuity are taken into account, i.e., perfect interfaces are considered.

 How to construct the cohesive interface model (no initial crack)?

appreciate your advice in advance.



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